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Hello and welcome. This site is dedicated to presenting the works of Majin Wamu, that's me. Here I have posted several of the projects I have worked on and there are many other games I have stored away and hope to someday present them to the world. I am a individual video game developer and program games just for fun and also to challenge myself. Feel free to have a look around and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Right now I have in a demanding need of any graphic designers, preferably 2D but 3D is helpful too.

                                    A Snakes

A multiplayer snake game that I created just for fun.You can download it from this site.

                                  Kitty Bomb

Another new game I will be working on as a club project. Updates will be posted right here.

Basically, your a cat trying to deactivate a bomb before it goes off. This game will be filled with puzzle elements, and careful decisions.

Here's a picture of the level maker that will be used to create the game's different levels.


                         Retro Space Rebuild

Retro Space is one of my classical favorite games that I developed earlier this year and had sadly lost. BUT I rebuilt it and made it even better then it was before. There are still some features missing but I am working long and hard to bring them all back. The best part of it all is that I allowing anyone to download it for free :) yep that's right! FREE! I also plan to update the game regularly.

So Click down bellow to download your free copy of Retro Space

Retro Space Download



                              Segitpede World

My good friend had asked me to upload this game on this site so anyone can download it and modify if they want. I have included the source code so just click here to download it.

                                    Blast Box

Here's a game game I worked for a class project with a group of others. It was a challenge for my first 3D game but it was a fun adventure. All credit for the models goes to Andy Badillo and all the 2D art work was given by Eric Danelli. 

                         Shoot for the Cure


Shoot for the Cure is a fun, fast paced game staring Zog as the doctor. This game was created for breast cancer awareness. The goal of the game is to keep the evil cancer cells from getting past doctor Zog. If the player beats a level without letting any of the beast cancer cells get past Zog they will be aided by a friendly white blood cell.

Now you can try out our game for free! click the link bellow to download. If you enjoy the game, please also consider buying our full version!